The Block Is Hot.

This body of work began with the formal and conceptual exploration of a simple mundane object – a button (or badge). In the United States we are currently in a presidential election year and for many Americans neither candidate seems to be a good choice. On one hand we a have maniac millionaire changing his political views as often as he changes his socks. He is a perfect example of a man from a family of extreme wealth, white-male privilege, an outdated, ignorant, and arrogant social and political belief system rooted from his privileged circumstance. On the other hand, we have a woman, which would be another epic symbol of political progression (after having our first black president) by electing the first woman president in US history. However, she is presumed to be in the pockets of big business and aside from being a political symbol for female equality, how much good will she really do for the country? We are (I am) currently living in a violent and divided country, it seems we are very close to complete chaos – about to boil over. There is a fire burning, politically, socially, and who or what is going to extinguish this fire?

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