Left at Albuquerque.

Left at Albuquerque. 2014.



In the weeks leading up to Spectacular Subdivisions I roamed the streets of Wonder Valley/ 29 Palms/ Desert-lands, California and became fascinated by the use of chain linked fence. What I saw were plots - small plots of land surrounded by high fencing with intimidating barbed wire that crowned small land parcels. Coming from San Francisco the idea of protecting land – especially in a place where there is plenty of it – is absurd. This led to the building of a chain link fence with illogical dimensions: 4ft. X 4ft. X 10ft. high. The addition of the carrot was a symbol of migration and to add some good old fashion humor. Left at Albuquerque references Bugs Bunny burrowing his way to Pismo Beach, where there were “all the clams you can eat!” An ideology most Americans share, a continuous search for greener pastures. What Bugs found, and myself consciously debating a migration to the affordable desert, is less than desirable circumstances.


- Matthew Usinowicz


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